2015 Personal Review

2015 has been a great year for me, both in and outside of work. I’ve put together a brief summary of my professional highlights of the year together with some goals for 2016.

MK Geek Night

At the beginning of December I did my first bit of public speaking, at web a meet-up called MK Geek Night. The title of my seven minute presentation was ‘The Often Underestimated Element of Truly Effective Design’.

25 Fresh Grotesque Sans-Serif Typefaces

Typefaces inspired by early grotesque and mid-century neo-grotesque fonts are so hot right now. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites, all released in the last few years by a number of different font foundries.

Shillington College: A reflection

Studying at Shillington was a fantastic experience. It was inspiring, motivating and rewarding. And despite perhaps not being the archetypal candidate for the course, I learnt a lot. I’ve put together a personal reflection of my time on the course covering why I went there, what I learnt and my views of the course as a whole.

Shillington Graduate

I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been busy putting together my final portfolio for my course at Shillington College in London. My final graduation exhibition took place last night at a gallery in Shoreditch. It’s been a journey and it’s with sadness and relief that I’ve reached the end.