Better looking website images with Instagram style CSS filters

In any modern web set-up, clients will inevitably want to upload content including images themselves. In my experience, this can be a nightmare from a design point-of-view. InstaCSS is a quick and easy way to create visually consistent images.

Lessons everyone can learn from software developers

I have been fortunate in my career to work with a number of incredible software developers. I’ve realised that there are some very basic qualities, skills, and habits software developers display that are great practice for absolutely anyone.

Albums 2014

I regularly get sucked into a black hole of listening to endless numbers of house and techno DJ mixes but I listen to lots of albums too. This is a slightly belated look back at some of my favourite albums of 2014. Five of the best, in no particular order.

Web design work 2014

I’ve come to the end of another year and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight a few of the design projects I’ve enjoyed over the past twelve months.

Semester One

I’ve come to the end of semester one of the graphic design course I’m doing at Shillington College and it’s been, well, bloody great.

Nest Grid

Nest Grid is a little SCSS grid which I built a couple of years ago and still tend to use as a base for new website builds. The big difference my grid has over others is the way in which it handles nested elements.

A deep, techy DJ mix

I got a chance to play around on my mp3 decks at the weekend and recorded a little mix. It’s a compilation of some pretty current tracks that I’ve been enjoying lately. Deep and techy, just how I like. Stream the mix here, or download to keep.

Back to school

At the end of September I started studying graphic design at Shillington College. My employer offered me the chance to enrole this year and it was an opportunity that I jumped at.

New website

So I’ve finally put together a personal website. I spent ages over the past couple of years procrastinating and putting off making anything as I tried to think of a unique angle or a revolutionary design. In the end, my new site was born out of necessity.