Web Design, Branding & Marketing

Hi, I’m Rory Macrae. I’m a brand strategist and I work for Digital Results in London. I develop brand identities, design web interfaces and devise digital marketing strategies. I’m driven by a desire to implement thoughtful but practical creative solutions.

A Foray Into Font Design

I made my first font; Dambura. It’s nothing special, but everybody has to start somewhere, right?

Introduction to Letterpress

I recently spent a Saturday at the typographic toy shop that is New North Press in Hoxton. Best Christmas Present Ever!

2016 Review

2016 was, in many ways, a crazy year and one that — from a global point of view — would perhaps be better forgotten. On an individual level however, last year was fantastic.

Rebrand Round-Up #04

After a bit of a break, Rebrand Roundup is back with a bumper edition. Here are some of my favourite new brand identities unveiled in the past six months.

Better Web Images

Inconsistencies in the style and quality of images can play havoc with otherwise carefully designed websites. We need to fight back against crap images!

Shillington: 1 Year On

Shillington College held their big annual graduate exhibition last week in a gallery in Hoxton. This marked a year since I finished my very own part-time design course.