I’ve come to the end of another year working at Digital Results and I thought I’d take a moment to highlight a few of the design projects I’ve enjoyed over the past twelve months. I’ve had a big involvement in the design and development of around 30 web projects this year, from small brochure pages to large ecommerce websites, not to mention the number of email marketing campaigns I’ve worked on and other random things I’ve done. But I thought I’d dig out three website designs that I’m particulary proud of from a purely aesthetic point of view.

Engineering Website

This is a project from the very beginning of the 2014. The client was great to work with; they really trusted us and just let us get on with it, which is always a good way to work. Although they had an existing logo, they had little in the way of a company brand so I was free to design the site however I saw fit. I did the design work and the rest of the team completed the development and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I think that the end result is professional, hi-tech, modern and a little prestigious.


Scientific Editing Website

The people behind this website were a joy to work with. They were super friendly and clearly very passionate about what they do, which always gives me a push to work harder. I’m proud of this site because I think I was able to create a really effective but minimal site. Sometimes, without attention to detail, minimal can just look lazy, but in this case I think I was able to create a truly professional looking and highly legible website, appropriate for the target audience.


Initial concept


Final version

Medical Technology Website

This site was for a company that sell gynaecology equipment. Yes you read that correctly! The company had an existing logo and rough brand guidelines which I needed to work with but I still think that I was able to produce something that is very unique, high-end and specialist looking. I’m super pleased with this site because I think that it was a tricky brief to have have fun with, but I managed it. I also coded all of the initial front-end (HTML & CSS) aspects of the website and I enjoyed getting stuck into a bit of development.