Shillington College student showcase 2017

Shillington Graduates 2017

Shillington College held their graduation event for their London students last Friday. I headed over to the exhibition early after work and it was already buzzing with energy. Sleep deprived students and bemused family members jostled for space amidst a sweaty throng of nervous energy and free beer. There was some fantastic work on show and it was both humbling and inspiring to see what some of the students had achieved.

I tried to take a look at as many portfolios as I could but I’m sure I missed some gems. Nonetheless, I’ve picked out four students that I thought were especially brilliant. They all impressed me with polished portfolios that exhibit creative and original thinking across a range of different briefs.


** Best in Show:

Claudia Costa

I actually spoke to Claudia for a short while and she was effervescent and engaging. Her portfolio is of the highest standard; carefully crafted, cleverly thought-through and utterly professional looking. I very much doubt that she’ll struggle to establish herself as a successful designer.

Dominika Stanczyk

Of all of the portfolios I saw, I felt that Dominika’s was the most confident. Her work exhibits a strong personal style that’s often missing from Shillington portfolios. I love how she combines photographic and hand drawn elements in a deliberate and unusual fashion.


* Highly Commended:

Cecily Maude

There was lots of hand drawn artwork on display at this year’s exhibition and I thought Cecily’s was some of the best. She’s got a lovely illustration style that brings many of her projects alive but her portfolio demonstrates plenty of other techniques too.

John Perrin

I was impressed by John’s bright and bold portfolio with varied projects ranging from cool custom typography to colourful photographic composites.


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