I’ve not posted for a while because I’ve been busy putting together my final portfolio for my course at Shillington College in London. My final graduation exhibition took place last night at a gallery in Shoreditch. It’s been a journey and it’s with sadness and relief that I’ve reached the end. I met some awesome people and I’ve learnt a tremendous amount. It’s an experience that I feel incredibly privileged to have had.

“Portfolio time” was stressful. Every spare moment I’ve had in the last month has been poured into college design work. There’s been ups and downs and a lot of late nights. Creating and presenting a body of work that others will judge you upon is tough, but I found facing my own judgement even tougher. It can be easy to lose confidence and begin to doubt your own work. It can be easy to think you’re not trying hard enough or that you’re simply not good enough. But I can honestly say that I gave it 100%. And I guess that’s what is important. You can check out my final portfolio here. It was a bit of rush job to get everything onto my site but I’ll be updating it further over the next few days. I also plan to write a proper summary of my course experience and to highlight some of my amazing colleague’s work, so stayed tuned.





Shillington gang: the class of Monday-Tuesday 2015.

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