Shillington: 1 year on

Shillington 1 Year One

Shillington College held their big annual graduate exhibition last week in a gallery in Hoxton. This marked a year since I finished my very own part-time design course. I popped in to take a look at this year’s crop and to catch up with ex course-mates. I thought I’d take this time to reflect upon my experiences, a year after finishing the course.

One year on

I still work for the same digital agency that I did prior to Shillington and I’m still a designer. But my job role has changed a little. The company has grown and we have employed a second designer fresh out of university. So I am now technically a Senior Designer and a manager, of sorts.

One of the things that Shillington gave me was greater confidence in my design abilities. In all honesty, I knew more than I’d realised before I enrolled, but Shillington refined what I’d already learnt on my own. I have greater confidence presenting design solutions to clients and teammates and I feel at ease directing less experienced designers.

Aside from a boost in confidence, there are two other key things that I took from my time at Shillington. First of all, I really value everything I learnt about branding. The course perhaps wasn’t as strong in other areas of design in my opinion but I really think the things they teach you about branding are worth doing it alone. I’ve followed the process that I learnt ever since and I’ve had great success presenting brand concepts to clients.

Secondly, I value tremendously the motivation that Shillington gave me. I still feel it a year on. Shillington made me get off my arse. It made me read, it made me write, it made me open my eyes and it made me want more.

Some stunning work

Shillington Graduation Show Haul

Shillington Graduation Show 2016 haul

I was blown away by the standard of the work that I saw at this year’s show. I actually think that there was a step up from last year, particularly when it came to digital work. I was pleased to see plenty of really fantastic web and app design work, which was an area I thought was a little lacking before. It was impossible to get around everybody, so I’m sure I missed plenty of incredible work but here’s just a selection of some of my favourite stuff that I saw.

Herman Miller spread

Herman Miller annual report by James Stewart.


Vood App

Illustrated food delivery app by Rocio Olmos.



Philosoapy soap branding by Valerie Baevski.



Nafresco campaign identity by Dorian Grey.


Deadmeat Disco

Club night posters by David Scott.


Flume lights

Album cover artwork by Kerrie Louise.