Better Web Images

Inconsistencies in the style and quality of images can play havoc with otherwise carefully designed websites. We need to fight back against crap images!

Shillington: 1 Year On

Shillington College held their big annual graduate exhibition last week in a gallery in Hoxton. This marked a year since I finished my very own part-time design course.

Rebrand Round-Up #3

May and June has seen some great rebrand projects. Here are four of the best that I’ve seen over the past couple of months, including new work from Build and a great new flexible digital identity for DoHop.

Design is Marketing

You need to become a multifaceted marketer if you want to be a truly effective designer. If you don’t do marketing, you don’t do design.

Rebrand Round-Up #2

Four of my favourite new brand identities of March and April 2016 including Pitchfork’s new logo and new work by Pentagram.

Books by Michael Bierut & Kate Moross

In an attempt to read more, I set myself a challenge of reading one book a month in 2016. I started with two monographs by two designers I really admire.

Rebrand Round-Up #1

This is the first post in what will hopefully become a series that highlights some of my favourite rebranding projects. This post features the new identities for the Premier League, Gumtree, Zocdoc and Incite.

2015 Personal Review

2015 has been a great year for me, both in and outside of work. I’ve put together a brief summary of my professional highlights of the year together with some goals for 2016.

MK Geek Night

At the beginning of December I did my first bit of public speaking, at web a meet-up called MK Geek Night. The title of my seven minute presentation was ‘The Often Underestimated Element of Truly Effective Design’.